Economic Evaluation of Saline Water Desalination System in Qeshm Island Using Flat Plate Solar Collectors and Phase Change Material

Document Type : Research Article


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering Modern Technologies, Amol University of Special Modern Technologies, Amol, Iran

2 MSc, Department of Mechanical engineering, Allameh Dehkhoda Institute of Higher Education, Qazvin, Iran


Types of research in recent years have turned their attention to improving the efficiency of thermal and heat recovery systems. Regarding the water and energy crisis, improving the efficiency of thermal systems and heat recovery, along with the use of the desalination process, has attracted many researchers in recent years. The simultaneous design of units and the integration of processes reduce the amount of required equipment and energy consumption. The main purpose of this article is to supply fresh water to Qeshm Island with renewable energy. An integrated structure for cogeneration of freshwater and power has been developed using a multi-stage thermal water desalination system and Kalina cycle. To supply the input heat, an integrated structure of solar flat plate collectors and phase change material have been used. This integrated structure produced 227.8 kgmole/h freshwater and 1107 kW power. In this integrated structure, the efficiency of the Kalina cycle power plant and gain output ratio of the multi-effect desalination system are 6.751% and 2.874, respectively. Exergy analysis of the integrated structure shows that the highest exergy destruction occurs in solar collectors of 81.68% and heat exchangers of 14.34%, respectively. The economic analysis of the integrated structure shows that the period of return and the prime cost of the freshwater are 3.883 years and 2.131 US$/m3, respectively.


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January 2021
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