Guide for Authors

Guide for authors

- Submitted articles will be initially reviewed only in the form of DOC and DOCX and will be returned to the author in case of non-compliance with the desired structure.

- Papers should not be submitted to other journals at the same time or published in another journal.

- The submitted article must be a research and the result of the author's research; Translated articles or articles published in whole or in part elsewhere will not be accepted.

- Persian words should be typed with B Nazanin and English words with Times New Romans.

- All main and sub headings should be in bold 12 font size.

- The text of the article in all parts, sources and references, should be in size 12.

- The title of the tables and figures should be in bold 11  size and the text of all tables should be size 11.

- All English texts should be in 10 size and English title with size 14.

- All figures, photos and diagrams should be in JPEG format and good quality inside the main file of the article.

- Resources should be based on Vancouver guidelines.