Integration of the FSM method and morphometric analysis for ranking sub-basins using RS and GIS techniques, case study :Ozroud basin

Document Type : Research Article


Master student, Department of RS and GIS at Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran


One of the serious problems of Iran’s watersheds is soil erosion and can be considered as one of the main obstacles to achieve Sustainable Agricultural Development and Natural Resources. In most countries of the world, because of absence of accurate data for the sediment erosion, deposition utilizing models to estimate erosion is inevitable. In order to apply effective management in natural resources region, especially soil resources, it’s required to ranking the sub-basin region to be prioritized for protective operations. In this study, Ozroud’s sub-basins, situation has been studied by FSM method and morphometric analysis. The morphometric analysis of linear parameters include; drainage density parameters, bifurcation ratio, texture ratio, length and frequency of current flow as well as the formal parameters including slenderness ratio, compression ratio, the roundness, forming factor and coefficient basin forms were used, also in the FSM to determine the amount of annual precipitation scoring, seven parameters (topography, gully, vegetation, geology, climate and soil conservation) were used. For this purpose, Digital elevation model, OLI sensor images of Landsat 8, geological map, meteorological data and field visits were used. Results of analysis showed that the morphometric analysis, sub-Basins area of the drainage network and also the FSM method in terms of annual sediment sub-N has produced 6593.5tons, the most critical sub-basin, but with integrating results of 2 methods in 5 levels, it was found that first priority among sub-basin was H. Remarkably, these results can be helpful with development goals of agriculture and natural resources managers.


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Volume 4, Issue 1
March 2017
Pages 247-257
  • Receive Date: 04 December 2016
  • Revise Date: 23 December 2016
  • Accept Date: 19 January 2017
  • First Publish Date: 21 March 2017
  • Publish Date: 21 March 2017