Author = Hossein Yousefi
Evaporation control from the water surface using silica nanostructure material (Case study: Karkheh Dam Lake)

Volume 10, Issue 4, January 2024, Pages 545-553


Katayoon Sataryan Asil; Hossein Yousefi; Fatemeh Razi Astaraei

Feasibility of wetland technology in biological wastewater treatment Tehran Province villages

Volume 10, Issue 2, July 2023, Pages 215-229


Hossein Yousefi; Vida Khademi; َAli Mahmoudi Aznaveh

Modeling the Impact Of Manangement Scenario On the Kashan Aquifer Using Mathematical Model of Modflow and Seawat

Volume 10, Issue 1, April 2023, Pages 17-32


Elyas Reyhani; Hossein Yousefi; Mohammad Mirzavand; Seyed Javad Sadatinejad

Downscaling of Precipitation and Temperature Using CanESM2 Model Based on RCP Scenarios (case study: Horrood River)

Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2022, Pages 657-673


Babak Shahinejad; Ali Kakavand; Hojjatoallh Yonesi; Hossein Yousefi

The effects of climate on energy consumption of the building's heating and cooling

Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2022, Pages 691-703


Saeed Golkar; Hossein Yousefi; Mohammad Salehi; ََAmirhossein Fathi; Khatereh Aazadi

The Effect of Different Climates on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Heating Energy Consumption for Academic Buildings Using Optimal Scheduling

Volume 9, Issue 1, April 2022, Pages 127-141


ََAmirhossein Fathi; Hossein Yousefi; Mohammad Salehi; laleh Ghahremani; kianoosh choubineh; Kiavash Zareei

Investigation and comparison of land use map database in the Urmia lake basin

Volume 8, Issue 4, January 2022, Pages 891-905


fatemeh kordi; Hossein Yousefi; leila ghasemi; Masoud Tajrishy

Investigation, modeling and analysis of qualitative parameters of groundwater resources in Kurdistan’s Kamyaran plain

Volume 8, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 357-367


Akbar Saadatmand; Younes Noorollahi; Hossein Yousefi; Ali Mohammadi

Evaluation of ecological flow of Lorestan Herrud river using hydrological methods

Volume 8, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 431-445


Hossein Yousefi; Babak Shahinejad; Ali Kakavand; M S; S Sh

Critique and review of desirable and present food baskets of Iranian society using the water and food nexus approach

Volume 8, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 599-609


Ali Mohammadi; Mohammad Ebrahim Banihabib; Hossein Yousefi; Hamed Pouraram; Timothy O. Randhir

Evaluation of Snow Cover Changes Trend Using GEE and TFPW-MK Test (Case Study: Marber Basin- Isfahan)

Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2021, Pages 195-204


Hasan Torabi Poodeh; Hossein Yousefi; Arman Samadi; Azadeh Arshia; Zahra Shamsi; Yazdan Yarahmadi

Determination of Flood Prone Areas with FR, SI and Shannon Models in Order to Reduce Flood Risks (Case Study: Kashkan Watershed)

Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2021, Pages 307-319


Hossein Yousefi; Hojjatollah Younesi; Azadeh Arshia; Yazdan Yarahmadi; Ahmad Goodarzi

Water Footprint in Electricity Generation with an Emphasis on Renewable Energies

Volume 7, Issue 4, January 2021, Pages 1007-1019


Seyedeh Mahsa Mousavi Reine; Hossein Yousefi

Investigation of Climate Change Occurrence and its Impact on Wheat Growth (Case Study: Fars Province)

Volume 7, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 1-15


Mohammad Rezaei Chermahini; Hossein Yousefi; Zeinab Mansouri; Parsa Haghighi

Flood Spatial Location Detection by Combining AHP and Fuzzy Models Using WLC Method in GIS (Case Study: Khorramabad Watershed)

Volume 7, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 251-261


Hossein Yousefi; Hojjatollah Younesi; Babak Shahnejad; Azadeh Arshia; Hafez Mirzapour; Yazdan Yarahmadi

Technical, economic and environmental review of development of solar irrigation systems in agriculture sector of Fars province, Iran

Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 519-531


Hamed Janalizadeh; Hossein Yousefi; Younes Noorollahi; Mohammad Hossein Jahangir

Optimal Production Planning of Siahbisheh Pump Storage Power Plant for Water Resources Conservation

Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 533-552


Amir shahriar Kalantari Oskoui; Younes Noorollahi; Hossein Yousefi